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Vacation Packages

Do you want to book a whole boat or just a cabin? We have both solutions for you –  

choose one of them and join the DM Sailing family!

Rent our boat "AURA" - 9 people

7 days of Sailing in croatia (from Split)

Price per person:

280€ - 560€

You can rent our jetski and wakeboard for 950€ the whole week, you will split the price with your friends or the other guests onboard.

Rent our boat "Nirvana" - 5 people

7 days of Sailing in croatia (from Split)

Prices per person:

240€ - 420€

You can rent our jetski and wakeboard for 950€ the whole week, you will split the price with your friends or the other guests onboard.

What does it mean to sail with us?

There are few things that match a week of sailing among the Croatian islands. The islands are plentiful and the archipelago is huge. Each day we’ll be sailing to new exciting destinations and you’ll get to experience hidden coves, century-year-old villages, turquoise lagoons, mid-day beach parties, nightlife, and magical waterfalls.

Why choose DM Sailing?

We offer an intimate and personalized experience unlike any other. We are a family-owned business and you will feel a part of that family when sailing with us. We offer carefully planned routes with breathtaking places to visit. Our skilled crew takes care of the sailing so that you don’t have to think about it, but of course, you also have the freedom to choose where you’d like to go and what to do.

You will wake up in a new vibrant paradise each day! Let DM Sailing navigate your soul!

A typical day with us..

Imagine this..

Waking up, looking outside through your cabin window, and seeing a perfect turquoise cove under a clear blue sky. You go out on the top deck and take a straight dive into the healthy Mediterranean water. During your refreshing morning swim, the crew will prepare a tasty breakfast, with locally grown organic ingredients to start your day the best way possible. This is the start of a typical day on the boat.

After breakfast, we set sail for our next destination. After about 2-3 hours of sailing the urge to take a dip in the clear water will be too much to handle, this is when we stop at a nice place for a swim. We have a fully equipped kitchen if you’d like to prepare dinner onboard at this time.

After dinner, we set sail for a picturesque town and plan our arrival time to be around mid-day. Here you can choose adrenaline-fueled activities such as riding quad bikes, diving, sky-diving, speed boat rides, partying at beach clubs, and experiencing the nightlife. Or if you’d like a more relaxed approach to your day, enjoy Croatian food at nice local restaurants, go hiking, bike riding, relax at the beach or the boat.


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